Modern Classics

BRITISH ICONS. GLOBAL LEGENDS. Introducing the next generation of the iconic Triumph Bonneville. Exciting Bonneville models, all with 100% authentic character, beautifully enhanced styling and truly modern performance. From the beautiful Bonneville Bobber, fun and accessible ridability of the new Street Scrambler, the Street Twin and Street Cup, through to the timeless style of the Bonneville T120, the T120 Black, the T100 and the legend reborn in the Thruxton and Thruxton R.

Street Twin
2019 Street Twin
Street Scrambler
2019 Street Scrambler
Speed Twin
2019 Speed Twin
Scrambler 1200 XC
2019 Scrambler 1200 XC
Bonneville Speedmaster
2019 Bonneville Speedmaster
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Scrambler 1200 XE
2019 Scrambler 1200 XE
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Bonneville T100
2019 Bonneville T100
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Bonneville T100 Black
2019 Bonneville T100 Black
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Bonneville T120
2019 Bonneville T120
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Bonneville T120 Black
2019 Bonneville T120 Black
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Thruxton R
2019 Thruxton R
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Bonneville Bobber
2019 Bonneville Bobber
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Bonneville Bobber Black
2019 Bonneville Bobber Black
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Adventure Touring

It’s your ride, it’s your journey, and it’s your planet to explore. So whether you choose motorways or mud tracks, twisty tarmac or bumpy town streets, Triumph’s range of adventure and touring motorcycles all share your passion for travel and discovery. Together with Triumph, the spirit of your adventure lives on.

Tiger 800 XR
2019 Tiger 800 XR
Tiger 800 XRX
2019 Tiger 800 XRX
Tiger 800 XRT
2019 Tiger 800 XRT
Tiger 800 XRX Low
2019 Tiger 800 XRX Low
Tiger 800 XCX
2019 Tiger 800 XCX
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Tiger 800 XCA
2019 Tiger 800 XCA
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Tiger 1200 XR
2019 Tiger 1200 XR
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Tiger 1200 XRX
2019 Tiger 1200 XRX
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Tiger 1200 XRT
2019 Tiger 1200 XRT
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Tiger 1200 XRX Low
2019 Tiger 1200 XRX Low
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Tiger 1200 XCX
2019 Tiger 1200 XCX
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Tiger 1200 XCA
2019 Tiger 1200 XCA
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The approach to our Roadsters is simple. If it doesn’t enhance the power, handling, feel or sound of the bike it doesn’t go on it. If it does, it goes on the bike in precisely the right place. As a result Triumph roadsters have a look that’s muscular, hunched forward, mean and aggressive. Because that’s what they are. Unadulterated, focussed, engaging sports bikes for the street.

Street Triple S
2019 Street Triple S
Street Triple R
2019 Street Triple R
Street Triple R Low
2019 Street Triple R Low
Street Triple RS
2019 Street Triple RS
Speed Triple S
2019 Speed Triple S
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Speed Triple RS
2019 Speed Triple RS
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